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San Luis Obispo Rowing Club

Meeting Minutes

January 22nd 2022


Welcome and call to order 10:41 am.

Marty Hawke

Ingrid Schumann

Jack Luxton

Bob Rhodes

Mark Battany

Mary Walton

Jim Solomon

Debby Lyon

Charlotte Kelley

Carol Rhodes

Tracy Ellis-Weit

Jeff Weit

Ross Chenot

Mark May


  1. October 23, 2021 Minutes
    The October 2021 meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

  2. Election of Officers:


Rebecca Hart and Ann Ketelaar retired from the board. All present thanked them for their valuable contribution to the Club’s success. Mary Walton and Tracy Ellis-Weit kindly offered themselves for election to the board. Jack Luxton, Debby Lyon, Marty Hawke, Bob Rhodes and Ingrid Schumann offered themselves for re-election. Debby Lyon agreed to become Vice president.


All board and club members present then voted and unanimously approved the following board members and their positions:

President-Jack Luxton
Vice President- Debby Lyon
Treasurer-Marty Hawke
Boat Captain-Bob Rhodes

Director-Mary Walton

Director-Tracy Ellis-Weit
Secretary-Ingrid Schumann

3. Treasurer’s Report

Marty stated that the club ended the year 2021 with a bank balance of $15,008.46.Income was $7672.12.Expenses were $5640.55.Larger than normal boat repair supplies and materials due to purchase of parts for the Maas Aeros, $450.00.$960.00 for boat licenses, $902.50 to Sew Sporty a reorder of shirts with our new design. $453.00 for the Christmas party (almost broken even on that), $200.00 in gift certificates, and $280.00 for the New Times add which resulted in 4 people signing up for classes. See the attached report for details of all income and expenses.

Marty set up an on-line payment service called “Square” where people can pay for memberships and shirts. There is a service fee of 2.90% but Marty will add this to charge to payments made by credit cards so the club doesn’t absorb that cost.

4. Boat Captain’s Report

Bob reported that repairs are progressing. Bob will arrange a boat work-party at the Club House in March / April. Action  BR


 It was agreed that a memorandum should be sent to all members, reinforcing the Club’s policy on wearing high visibility clothing whist rowing and the importance of carrying boats to and from the dock correctly. Action JL/MH

Tracy suggested posting a photo, of rowers carrying boats that shows the proper technique, in the clubhouse. Some discussion ensued about who should pay for boat repairs but all agreed that accidents happen. JL stated that, in the event that a member continually caused damage to boats, the board would need to take a view on their continued membership. It was agreed that members who damage boats will be advised that, in future, they will be required make themselves available to help with repairs Action JL/MH

Bob would like a board hung in the clubhouse to show the status of Club boats and whether any repairs are required. He offered to provide his email / phone number on the board so people can notify him immediately of any damage / repairs needed. Action MH/JL

Mark May suggested getting a map of the lake with buoy markers and row direction, including basic boating rules so people can familiarize themselves with the lake. Marty said he had tried to find a decent map on line but hasn’t yet found a good one. The County no longer has maps available.

A fiberglass workshop is still being planned


5. Building Report

Jack pointed out 3 main action points regarding building repairs to be completed before the middle of March:

-Dig out and repair the hole rotting the door

  • Replace the boards behind the signage

  • Repair rot around the windows near the door

Jeff Weit agreed to progress these repairs and will obtain estimates to be submitted to the County for approval by end January. He will then organize a repair party Action JW

6. County Annual Fee: Chargeable Work to date/planned work
The County permit fee is $2,000.00 and will increase over the years to $3000.00. The club paid $815.00 for last year and with plans to repair the boathouse, this should be offset by labor, paint, wood, and other materials, which needs to be completed by March 1, 2022. Labor pay is $25.43 per hour and work donated to improve the park, clearing the area around the boathouse, and moving the docks are ways to pay the permit fee. All work must be approved by the County.

7. Rowing Lessons


It was a great year for lessons; all 3 classes were filled for the first time. Thanks to all for their volunteer work in teaching classes. Three people already signed up for this year. Mary said she would love to be involved in teaching rowing this year. Classes start on May 15th and a maximum of six people are allowed in each class.

8. Summer Regatta


Marty suggested the club hold a summer regatta. Debby Lyon and Mary Walton volunteered to serve on the committee to organize this. The plan is to hold it in late summer and it would be bracketed by age using only single boats.

9. Any Other Business/Open Discussion

There were questions about more storage for private boats in the club House where there is currently limited extra capacity. It was noted that the unused boats to the left side of the Club house were being disposed of. These outdoor racks could then be repaired and club boats of lesser value stored there.

Other longer term storage projects might include storage racks on the Club House rafters.


All present thanked Marty Hawke for his tireless efforts for the Club.

Meeting adjourned 11:45 am

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